Blades of Hope: Press Release


Blades of Hope” Philadelphia Press Release:

Women and girls from around the world, trained in martial arts, join forces to solve a worldwide disaster and instill hope using their intelligence, physical strengths and good character.

PRESS RELEASE Philadelphia, PA –
With the help of publishing company Jabal Entertainment (creators of the IDW published series Jinnrise), co-creators Maryam Awan and Sohaib Awan and author Paige Hartman debut Hartman’s first partial fantasy graphic novel, Blades of Hope, hoping to reach out to young adult audiences uncommon in the comic book industry.

In Blades of Hope, strong female characters, skilled in martial arts, modestly take the helm using their intelligence, physical strengths and caring natures to help others in a world struggling to survive.

“Having a Master’s degree in Counseling, I’ve dealt with the many struggles our youth faces daily when it comes to body image. Today’s young audiences, male and female, are fraught with a society where they feel they must showcase their bodies far more than showcasing their intelligence and inner strengths.” says Hartman. “My decision to become a full time writer was easy. I knew that there were creative ways to reach out to our youth through mediums that young adults naturally gravitate towards, which today is through the entertainment industry. The art of graphic novels and comic books is rapidly evolving reaching more and more audiences daily. Such a beautiful art form can and should be used to connect with our youth helping them to value themselves. I believe, as a superheroine, you don’t have to be naked to save the world.”

Blades of Hope follows the journey of lead character and martial arts expert, Suriani, as she teams up with other women and girls to solve the mystery of a continuing apocalypse. It is through their wits and skills that they are able to close in on an other worldly devastation that surrounds them.

Jabal Entertainment CEO, Sohaib Awan, plans on releasing Blades of Hope internationally and in the United States later this year.

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